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Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble is a part of a small but exciting group of ensembles fusing the jazz and classical traditions together into a new and vibrant music that respects and builds upon its sources. The ensemble draws its influence from musical genres ranging from classical and new chamber music, traditional and contemporary jazz, and free improvised music, as well as rock, electronica and folk music.  The music is intimate and personal, blending the spontaneity of improvised music with the balance and form of chamber music.

Debut recording by Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble

    “Walking Across” on 8Bells Records.

Click the titles below to hear the album:

  1. Steel Bridge    

  2. Brooklyn Bridge    

  3. Cape Creek  

  4. Goodpasture 

  5. Galloping Gertie

  6. Centralbron 

  7. Greenleaf Peak/Table Mountain

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“Walking Across” is a collection of original compositions performed by his chamber jazz group Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble that feature improvisation and composition woven together into an engaging new music that lies somewhere between chamber music and jazz. 

Douglas Detrick - Trumpet, Composition

Hashem Assadullahi - Alto and Soprano Saxophone

Shirley Hunt - Cello

Steve Vacchi - Bassoon

Ryan Biesack - Drums and Percussion

Rivers Music, the second album by the genre-crossing Douglas Detrick's AnyWhen Ensemble, follows its own course through the channels of jazz, free improvisation and contemporary chamber music, bringing them together into something engaging and unique. The New York-based composer and trumpeter Douglas Detrick finds inspiration in the movement of rivers for this extended meditation for trumpet, saxophone, bassoon, cello and drumset. Rivers Music has a broad and deep sensibility: quiet, delicate passages and forceful masses of sound all meant to amplify the mysterious whispers of the world around us.

Rivers Music is available from:


    Origin Classical

        and many other online outlets.

Excerpts from Rivers Music:

   Mvt I - Introduction   

   Mvt II - Ensemble Improvisation   

   Mvt II - Alto Saxophone Improvisation   

   Mvt II - Bassoon Improvisation

   Mvt IV - Ensemble

   Mvt IV - Cello Improvisation

   Mvt V - Trumpet Improvisation

   Mvt VI - Drumset Improvisation