You Aren’t Who I Expected: A new piece for alto flute, cello and tape

Paul Wolfram and Maria Johnson, of the cello and flute duo Migrations, commissioned a piece from me in 2014, and I wrote a piece that includes pre-recorded audio of me reading a text I wrote for the piece. They perform it tonight in Brooklyn, NY! Here are the program notes: “You Aren’t Who I Expected” […]

Beyond Category: The podcast of the PJCE

I’ve been working on an exciting new program for the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble, the new jazz music organization for which I’ve been serving as Executive Director for the last two years. I’ve been doing all the production on these so far, but we will be adding guest producers soon. Its called Beyond Category. It’s a […]

Rehearsing in the 21st Century: “Skyping in” from 2,000 miles away

Carrie Winkler, the director of bands from Sheboygan Falls Middle School in Sheboygan, WI asked me if I would be willing to offer some feedback on their peformance of my “A Walk in the Shade” with her jazz band. I was happy to do this, but how, you might ask, was I supposed to do […]

Nate Wooley and Carol Robinson at the Outset Series

I heard Nate Wooley and Carol Robinson perform music by Eliane Radigue at the Creative Music Guild’s Outset Series tonight, and the gentle, subtle humming and thrumming of the sounds these musicians produced has me feeling very thoughtful. Here are some of the thoughts I’m thinking: With very quiet music, like Radigue’s, you become acutely […]

Anyone, Anywhere, Anywhen, Anysound: Embarking on a new project

I’m pleased to announce that I’m now working on a new project—The AnySound Podcast. The podcast will feature new text and music written expressly for this project, one of few podcasts to do this. As a composer, performer and writer, this seems like a perfect medium for me, and I’m very excited. I’m planning to […]