No matter how great your work is, no one will know about it if you haven’t built a vibrant community for your artistic practice that includes an active network of peers and other people who love your work. A great marketing strategy and website come into play by giving others an easy way to learn about you, and give you an opportunity to participate in the work being done around you. I understand that your art comes first, and the art is an extension of who you are, so you may not be comfortable with a marketing strategy based on self-promotion. This is why I help artists build websites and marketing strategies that fit with their personalities, their comfort with meeting new people, and their abilities with technology. Similar to my other services as a consultant, I place the emphasis on affordable deliverables that will solve real problems for artists at a budget that works for them.

My idea of marketing focuses on community building rather than self-promotion, but this isn’t as wishy-washy as it sounds. I love to talk with artists about the communities they are building around their own work, and how they contribute to the overall fabric of the broader culture. There are many specific techniques that artists who feel stalled in their careers can use to break new ground, build their networks, and achieve their goals, and you can do it in a way that is fulfilling on a personal level.

Some popular services I offer in marketing:

  • One-hour consultations in website building and content strategy using WordPress and other platforms.
  • One-hour consultation in marketing strategy, community building, and career coaching.
  • Complete build of a new website including copywriting, content strategy, and online marketing tools.

Please get in touch with me about your needs, and we can find a way for me to provide the expertise you need while staying within your budget.