Douglas DetrickClear and compelling language is essential for communicating about your work in artist statements, websites, press releases, grant proposals, fellowship applications, and in your biography. Whenever I speak with artists about the business side of their work, they almost always tell me how much they hate writing about their own work. I like to step into this situation and find ways to turn what is usually a painful chore into an opportunity for artistic growth through a collection of techniques I’ve developed while working with other aritists, and in my work as a professional music writer. I believe that an artist can write well about his or her own work if they understand how to capture the action and spirit of their work in accurate, concise language that reveals the passion behind the work. A well-written document can make a serious difference in many situations, and I think you’ll find that I can help you to think about your work in new ways and find the words to tell everyone else.

Below are links to some of my work for music publications.


Chicago’s EveryPeople Workshop Shapes its Future with Inspiration From the Past for New Music Box
Keeping Portland Creative
for New Music Box

Kenny Wheeler: Profile of an Incredible Career
for the FONT Blog
– This profile was written in anticipation of Wheeler’s 2011 appearance at FONT in New York City.
What Will We Do Without the Avant-Garde? – My experience playing Christian Wolff’s music with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.


Brian McWhorter
Jeff Kaiser

Nate Wooley
co-presented with FONT
Nick Smart on Kenny Wheeler for the FONT Blog

Album Reviews

A small selection of my reviews, interviews and profiles for this blog.

Harris Eisenstadt’s September Trio for
Concert Review: Darius Jones Trio atĀ Littlefield
from the 2011 Undead Jazz Festival for

Short Stories/Poetry

feathered – Commissioned by John Sutton and the EveryPeople Workshop for their Short Short Stories series.