Learning Across Artistic Disciplines: Improvising at Performance NW’s FANFare

There is so much to learn from working artists from other disciplines. Last Saturday I improvised accompaniments to dance at Performance Works NW with Luke Gutsgell, Ben Kates, Danielle Ross, Noel Plemmons, and Elise Knudsen. Linda Austin, the owner and director of Performance Works NW, asked us to play over a timeframe of about four […]

Interview with Nate Wooley

Interview with Nate Wooley Friday, March 4, 2011 Co-Presented with FONT   Nate Wooley is among the most unique, creative and powerful trumpeters in the world today. He is a busy musician, with a full touring schedule, a steady stream of gigs in New York and a long list of albums in his discography. His […]