cover image for Douglas Detrick's "Glass Stories" collection. A black white image of broken glass with a black background.

Glass Stories is a two-part collection featuring a short story chapbook with original photographs and a two-song EP all inspired by the physical and symbolic qualities of glass.

Purchase physical or digital copies of Glass Stories chapbook or EP:

  • physical chapbook and music EP available for purchase here.
  • ebook available on here.
  • audio book available here.

The collection of two short stories with original photographs set in the Muranów neighborhood of Warsaw, Poland over 250 years apart. The two young protagonists—an immigrant servant woman named Paolina who is being punished for something she didn’t do, and Moishe, a young Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto who wants to fight his Nazi oppressors—struggle against impossible odds.

The two-song EP features songs written and performed by Douglas Detrick as a singer and banjoist. Also joining the recording are Amelia Lukas on flute and Catherine Lee on english horn. Detrick also plays the harmonium on the recording. It was recorded and mixed by Douglas Detrick and mastered by Gus Elg.

Like it has across cultures for centuries, glass plays a deep symbolic role in the stories and the songs. The characters see reflections of themselves in both a literal and figurative sense, and eventually take pieces of glass into their hands, hoping for solutions to their challenges. As cities change and the technology we surround ourselves with alters our lives in new and unexpected ways, these stories offer a mysterious and breathtaking look at the past that echoes forebodingly in the present.