Today I did not write many notes. A lot of other business concerns came up this week that found me editing a recording from AnyWhen Ensemble’s Awake, Awake recording session to submit to a contest, taking care of some booking inquiries and other writing responsibilities, including a new project for the Festival of New Trumpet Music that will hopefully come into being this spring. So, I only had about an hour to write, and I found myself using most of that time just to reacquaint myself with the first part of a piece that I had written in my last session. When I opened up my book of paper, you know, the big one that I keep rambling on about, I looked at what I wrote last time and I just didn’t really remember the exciting part of why I had written it. So, I played through it several times, started working on something else, then came back to it, then my alarm went off. C’est la vie. (That’s French for “sometimes you just lose at music.” I believe Jean Baptiste Lully was the first composer ever to use the term, as he was working on yet another commission from Louis XIV and French for “the dog ate it” just wasn’t coming to him.)

Then I had to stop to write a blog entry. Clearly today’s score is:

Detrick: 0
Music: 1

I’m off tonight to a job-seeker’s networking event where I will hopefully help my eventual transition into an adult job. I have shaved, showered and tucked in my shirt, I think I’m ready.