I haven’t been left speechless and breathless by a rock band in a long time.

I’ve been following this group, Sam Adams on voice, guitar, and synths, Lisa Adams on voice, keys, and bass, and Chris Hermsen on drums, since they formed a few years ago, and their growth over that time has been astounding.

There are a lot of reasons. To name a few: Sam and Lisa sing brilliantly, strongly and sweetly, and they’re fucking accurate without being rigid. Their songs twist and turn like switchbacks up a mountain, but with a band that’s worked this hard on their playing, what could be a treacherous landscape starts to feel more like a racetrack—we’re moving fast, but we’re never out of control. We make it up the mountain every time, and the view is beautiful.

I wouldn’t gush like this about a band if I thought I’d ever regret it. I have high hopes and great expectations for this band. Buy their new record, you won’t be sorry.