“Perhaps Gunther Schuller’s “third stream” never gained much currency with either listeners or musicians, because of the extreme demands it placed on musicians to be equally conversant in two traditions, jazz and classical music. Douglas Detrick and the Anywhen Ensemble are one of the few ensembles performing today that can move effortlessly between the worlds of traditional, through-composed, chamber music and creative improvisation. In a world where iTunes and “shuffle” have all but obliterated the traditional boundaries that defined musical genres, the music of the Anywhen Ensemble connected with our students in a way that other ensembles, more bound to traditional conventions, will never achieve. Douglas Detrick’s compositions are at once evocative yet intellectually rigorous, conveying his sensual aesthetic with astonishing accuracy, his sonic palette exquisitely tailored to the resources available to him in the ensemble.”

-Kent Deveraux, Chair, Music Department, Cornish College of the Arts

“One of the more promising updaters of what composer, classical musician and jazzer Gunther Schuller termed Third Stream music half a century ago is the young University of Oregon-trained trumpeter composer Douglas Detrick, who brings his AnyWhen Ensemble back to Oregon from his current New York home.” (full article)

– Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch

“Among successful mergers, we can now count the AnyWhen Ensemble, a quintet that Douglas Detrick brought together to perform his finely crafted compositions. AnyWhen creates nuanced, assured, work that combines the best of its sources. From jazz, the five musicians draw quick-witted flexibility and response—and swing, too, where indicated. At the same time, Detrick’s mature compositions elicit from his ensemble mates refined skills of technique and expression. Those provide the musicians with many resources—and perspectives—that are available to few jazz players.” (full article)

-Peter Monaghan, Cornish Music Series, 1.9.13

“‘Rivers Music’ is thought music rendered as stream-of-conscious expression. it is not totally free, but not totally tethered either. Detrick sets up his scaffolding and then allows broad latitude to the rest of the quintet to fill in the spaces, which they do, collectively and alone, with intelligence and warmth.” (full article)

-C.Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, 2.8.2011

“A highlight of Friday’s performance was Douglas Detrick and the Anywhen Ensemble, accompanied by Seattle pianist Wayne Horvitz. Arranged and composed mostly by leader and trumpeter Douglas Detrick, the performance showcased traditional songs from the jazz and blues genres, mixed with classical harmonies. An audience favorite included “Awake Blues,” which incorporated the melody from the blues song “Trouble the Mind” by Richard Jones.”

-Christine Beaderstadt, SSG Music, 2.4.2011

“After a stellar career at the University of Oregon, trumpeter/composer Douglas Detrick, who grew up in Portland, moved to New York last year. Abetted by stellar Portland pianist Ben Darwish, Detrick returns from the Bronx with his chamber jazz group (sax, trumpet bassoon, cello, drums) for the CD release and performance of his spacious new Rivers Music and other works. With its placid stretches, spare, pensive solo passages, and emphasis on texture and atmosphere, the partly improvised, six-movement suite, inspired by the movement of water, will appeal to fans of the old Third Stream classical-jazz hybrids as well as contemporary “classical” music.” (full article)

-Brett Campbell, Willamette Week, 1.30.2011