On Sunday Dec 6, 2009 I joined forces for a show at the Jazz Station in Eugene, OR with the fantastic laptop musician He Can Jog, aka Erik Schoster, a friend of mine from Lawrence University who stopped through Eugene on his cross-country tour. Erik will be settling in San Francisco after living for several years in New York City.

Both Erik and I performed solo laptop sets, and then joined up with Andrew Rowan and Sarah Viens on trumpets and Glenn Bonney on trombone for the premiere of “One Thread Through”, a new composition written for this performance. For those who are interested, I’ve posted both an excerpted recording of the performance and pdf files of the score.

solo laptop12 6 09.mp3

Score of “One Thread Through”

One Thread Through Excerpt.mp3

He Can Jog is Wisconsin-bred computer musician Erik Schoster. He records for Audiobulb Records, Distance Recordings, and Home Normal. His music is largely improvised in performance and obsessively organized in recording. XLR8R Magazine calls it “dreamy pop music with experimental electronics.” Middlemarch is out now on Audiobulb Records. Visit his website at hecanjog.com.